Well Hello!

Hi there! I’m Mads*, and this is my blog. (Duh.) After throwing myself headlong into the world of sewing, I decided to start writing about it in an effort to engage with the seemingly AMAZING online sewing community and to keep myself accountable for completing projects and improving my skills. (Turns out I’ve got an epic lazy/procrastination streak.) Making things is incredibly exciting and I hope I’m decent at it.

So, having said the above things, here is a little tiny bit about me: I’m 27 (for now), live in Ohio, work at an office job full-time, and have a serious (and expensive) interest in vintage clothing. I also play guitar and enjoy baking, and live with my husband and 3 fur-kids: Tycho, Saoirse, and Mulder. I dislike getting rained on, swimming, and basically any other activity involving water. I am powered almost exclusively by Coca-Cola and pizza. But mostly, I’m looking forward to sharing my (mis)adventures in sewing with all of you** and getting a new wardrobe in the process!

*Not my real name
**Which is nobody at this point, since this blog is fresh-out-the-oven


2 thoughts on “Well Hello!

  1. I’ve recently thrown myself into the land of blogging as well. I’ve been looking for a sew-along to post about, I’m excited to follow yours.

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