Wherein the blogger has no spare time

Can I just say that I’m really glad that the Hawthorn Sew-Along is focusing on versions that I’m not sewing for the next couple of posts??? I am so far behind that it’s making me crazy. All I want to do is sew this damn dress, but life beckons. Dear Life: Please go away for a minute so a bitch can do some sewing!!!

Since it’s me we’re talking about, things can’t just go smoothly during this process. (Not that you knew that, but I have a feeling it will become clear as I post more about my projects. O_o) First, I realized that I had gotten the wrong kind of interfacing upon seeing the photos on the official Sew-Along post(s). I got a very thin web-like variety that is fusible on both sides, so in the end I improvised and made a fabric sandwich with muslin, my interfacing, and my fabric. It worked very well, but I could have done without the extra work and frustration! I screwed up part of the collar, which meant re-cutting, re-fusing, and re-sewing most of the pieces for that. So between all my setbacks, novice mistakes, working, and a sudden uptick in social engagements, I have stalled out right about there. Hopefully I’ll carve out some time tonight and at least get the bodice faced, collar’d, and sewn together at the side seams. (Who am I kidding? I’d settle for ONE of those things getting accomplished.)

2 thoughts on “Wherein the blogger has no spare time

  1. I stumbled across your blog today and saw that you are also participating in the Hawthorn Sew Along. Welcome to the world of sewing and the world of self imposed pressure. You are making wonderful progress. It isn’t suppose to be a challenge, it is a sew along. I have learned not to sweat what I have or have not gotten done. Of course with that said I have to admit that I have my dress completed and am impatiently waiting on the shoes to arrive for final photos to submit. But during the same time frame I took on a test pattern for a simple messenger bag and have done everything I can to put that off. Yes.. I am a procrastinator! You are built very much like my daughter who I made my Hawthorn for and I used a size 2 when I cut it out so that I would not have to resize the bust area. I had no problems with the arm holes but did have to make changes on the waistline. Hang in there. You are not alone! Good luck with your project!

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment! Your finished dress for your daughter looks GREAT. I’m hoping to get some photos of my Hawthorn up soon–I’ve been so focused on sewing it that I have forgotten to take any in-progress pictures!

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