Happy sewist

^^That is the face of a content and relieved sewist, y’all. After almost 3 weeks of on-and-off work, I have completed my Colette Hawthorn dress! It turned out better than I could have hoped, and I’m excited to finally share photos. (I was so engrossed in getting things done that I didn’t think to take in-progress photos, so…) Up next, a photo dump! Please pardon the wrinkles and slightly rumpled nature of the dress–I wore it allllllllll day and was too lazy to press it for photos. Photos which, for the most part, were taken by me using my phone, and so are awkward and at silly angles. Brace yourselves.


My shoes for the day: yellow!


Bodice and buttons


Awkward side view, duh


Without the belt

Without the belt


Hawthorn twirl!

I wore my first me-made anything (TRUE STORY GUYZ) to work today, and pretty much floated around the office, like someone with a very happy secret. I’m already addicted to the feeling of wearing something that I made, so there’s some extra, if unnecessary, motivation for me to keep working hard at sewing.

I felt that this pattern was really straightforward, and I’m glad I opted for the sleeveless version, which made things even easier. This was my first time making a collar, my first time making buttonholes, my first time trying french seams, and my first time using bias binding. BTW, I really liked the way the binding was utilized for the armholes on the Hawthorn. I had assumed that it would be sewn along the outside of the armhole as a finish, but it was used to create a facing that isn’t visible from the outside. The finished result looks really lovely (and I don’t necessarily mean my Hawthorn, just in general) and I am glad to have learned that method. I had some issues along the way, of course: I screwed up my first collar and had to re-cut and sew everything, I sewed the bodice to the wrong side of my skirt (that’s what I get for not taking my time and paying attention), and I forgot to lengthen the bodice facings after I lengthened the bodice by 1″. And because all that wasn’t enough, I had to wash the dress before I could wear it! The chalk pencils I use don’t show up very well (and I used white on this blue shot cotton) and so I had to press pretty hard. Since my cotton is so thin, the markings went through to both sides! So the center of my back had a big ole’ “W” on it (my fabric is identical on both sides, so I had to manually mark out which side was serving as the “wrong” one), as did pieces of my skirt. After all the work I had put in, I was so eager to wear my dress, and I was pissed unamused. And of course, after washing, I had to iron it. Again. Ironing is my least favorite part of sewing, for the record.

Flickr is down right now (of course), so my uploads to the official group will have to wait until tomorrow. But I’M DONE AND IT’S AWESOME AND I WILL WEAR IT FOREVER.

Hawthorn – Complete At Last!

11 thoughts on “Hawthorn – Complete At Last!

  1. Wowo! what a great hawthorne! It is such a pretty dress and it looks great on you! I so know what you mean about flouncing around in clothes you’ve made – I’m exactly the same!

  2. It looks awesome! It is hard to believe that it is your first project! You have the makings of a wonderful seamstress. We all have ripped out, cut wrong and sewn in something backwards. That is why they made seam rippers (it is my best friend) and I still use mine regularly. My daughter loved the twirl of the dress too and certainly wants another made soon. We will perhaps get a little crafty and add a lace backing or a colored petticoat that just peaks out from the skirt. The possibilities are endless!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment–my worst fear starting out was that I wouldn’t be cut out for sewing, so I was relieved when my dress looked like a dress (even though I spent a lot of quality time with my seam ripper)! =) You’re so right about the potential for customization with Hawthorn, too. Your daughter is so lucky that you’re a great sewist!

  3. It’s so pretty! Every blogger I’ve visited today has made a Hawthorn and now I wish I had time to make one but alas I have to study for exams 😦

    • Thank you! I know how you feel about seeing everyone on the Internet making something and not having the time to do it yourself. Good luck on your exams! (Hope you get some quality sewing time in once they’re done, too! :))

  4. Learning is all about mistakes 🙂 Reading that you were all floaty with your you-made dress while at work gave me a smile. I always feel like I am in a secret club! Having someone recognise the fabric or sewing pattern is our secret handshake 😉

    • It IS like a secret club, isn’t it? 🙂 I only know one other sewist IRL, so I am glad that the online sewing community is so vibrant and busy! It’s nice to connect with other people who will geek out about fabric and patterns and techniques. (My husband tries to be interested, but after a few sentences about the different uses for bias binding, his eyes kind of glaze over!)

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