Past-O-Rama: Closet Edition

I’m finally coming down from the high of finishing my Hawthorn dress last week, and since I haven’t picked my next project yet, I thought I might start a “special” feature. Every week-ish, I will do a post featuring one of my pieces of vintage clothing. Time for a true story, everyone: I am a collector of vintage clothing. Well, maybe “collector” isn’t the correct word, because I definitely wear all the things that I acquire. I’ve amassed quite a collection in the last 18 months, but my first vintage anything was my wedding dress–an early 1970’s acetate lace number. I had bought a contemporary dress but, to make a long story short, it was ruined by a hack seamstress at the bridal store where I bought it. I found my “new” dress online and was smitten. I took it to a talented seamstress, who altered it perfectly.


The dress before alterations


After alterations–no more strangulation by lace!

I didn’t buy any more vintage until a few years later. My collection started modestly enough (one skirt and one handbag), but now I am at a point where my closet needs to be purged of many of my contemporary clothes to make room for the more delicate vintage items that are overtaking the space. (And by “purged,” I mean kicked out of the closet and relegated to the chest of drawers and dresser in the guest room–getting rid of clothes is realllllllllly hard for me.) My favorite (and really, only) local vintage shop is so reasonable that my collection will only grow! Below is my most recent acquisition: a 1920’s beaded blouse. Completely sheer, naturally. (I always laugh at the notion that clothes were somehow inherently more “modest” all those years ago; a visible slip feels more awkward than a short hemline to me!)

1920's blouse from the front

1920’s blouse from the front

Snaps up the back

Snaps up the back

1920's blouse from the back

1920’s blouse from the back

This blouse is my fourth 1920’s piece, and I love it! The beading is incredible, although some of it has long since fallen off the sleeves. The snaps on the back have held up beautifully over the last ~90 years, but I am very glad that I can fit my globe-like head through the neck opening without unsnapping anything. (As an aside: I seriously don’t understand how the neck openings on clothes from this era are usually so damn tiny! I have to be very careful when putting on my other 20’s pieces because my head barely fits through the hole. And hairstyles back then were waved and curled and slicked to perfection, and I can’t comprehend how anyone could have gotten dressed after having their hair set. WTF?!?!?)

I really love talking about (and showing off) my vintage pieces, and I hope that someone out there thinks old clothes are neat, too. My love of vintage (and vintage patterns) inspired me to learn to sew, so this feature will be extra-fun for me. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Past-O-Rama: Closet Edition

  1. Years ago I ran across a beautiful vintage white lace dress and I did not buy it.. I still yearn for it. Now when I hit the flea markets and yard sales I haven’t found any treasure. I love your finds!

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