Up next in the “Mads” House: finishing vintage Butterick 7131

I’m trying to get motivated to finish a project that’s been sitting around my dining room for over 2 months, but I just can’t focus! I keep getting distracted by other ideas. It may be partly due to the fact that the dress I’m working on is a Fall kind of thing, which means that wearing it now isn’t really a great idea. (Ohio gets gross in the summer, and this thing has long sleeves!) But here are a few pictures of it as-is, because why not? =)


Front view; please forgive the gross Keds!


Going to have to take about 4 inches off the hem on this one!

The pattern is a vintage Butterick–7131, to be exact. This was my first attempt at anything other than hemming a RTW dress, and it has a lot of beginner mistakes. First, and most importantly, I absolutely did not select a good fabric for the dress. It’s the exact same stuff that I used for my Hawthorn but in a different color; it’s an amazing fabric but is too light for this pattern. (If you’re so inclined, you can check out the fabric here. It comes in damn near every color, and it’s a dream to work with! I’ve got three more colors of it in my stash–2 future blouses and 1 future dress!) Second, I was too excited or stupid (or both) to be careful when pinning and sewing, and some of the darts are sewn down in the wrong direction. One of the side seams is slightly off from the waist to the skirt, the zipper could have been picked closer to the teeth, and so on and so on. The neckline is also a little uneven, and I did not do the facings at all because I couldn’t figure them out to save my life. So the entire neckline has been an exercise in improvisation. Using the experience gained from my Sorbetto adventure, I’ll be doing an exposed bias facing to finish it off. Hopefully I can even it up a bit as I go. I attempted to put this dress on Alice yesterday, only to have the top of the side seam pop a little bit. I don’t struggle to get the dress over my own head, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Alice may not survive her probationary period if this keeps up!

I’ve already got my next project planned, I think: vintage Simplicity 1281, View 2, minus the ribbon embellishments and random saddle piece bridging the two straps. I’ll be making it short, too–that’s way too much skirt for me! We’re going mid-thigh up in here. 😉


Suspenders are always a good choice

I’ve got a great bottom-weight cotton twill from Gorgeous Fabrics for this project, and can’t wait to start it. I’ll have to see how I do with letting the hem hang overnight–another first!

What are you all working on at the moment? Clearing out your summer queue for Fall sewing, perhaps? I know that my head is positively swimming with ideas, but I seem to have no time to make anything! My immediate goal is to get the bias binding pinned around the wrong side of the neckline on the Butterick dress. Baby steps, right?

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