Past-O-Rama, 2nd Edition

Howdy! It’s nearly Monday again, so I figured I’d post another piece from my vintage collection to take my mind off of having to go back to work already. =)

This beauty is my second most-recent find. It’s a black and cream 1920s one-piece dress. It’s made mostly of silk, from what I can tell. I wore it for a fashion show that my local vintage shop did last month; I absolutely fell in love with it! Funny story: I hated it when I saw it on the hanger. My beloved shopkeeper pointed out to me that the dress was for sale (not everything we show is for sale), but I was skeptical. However, my attitude for these events is, “I’ll wear whatever I’m told to wear!” so I tried it on. When I looked in the mirror, I knew I was spending my “wages” from the show on this dress! (Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I didn’t put it on for these photos, but meh.)


From the front; it’s all one piece!


Classic art deco detail on the skirt


Living to be ~90 comes with a price!

Obviously this dress did not escape the ravages of time as well as the last 1920’s piece I shared. I have no idea what to do about the damage to the cream portion of the dress. The missing buttons have me at a loss, because I doubt I can find any close matches from contemporary collections; not only that, I’m not about to spend a small fortune hunting down actual matching-ish period-appropriate buttons. I’ll keep an eye out around Etsy and eBay and all that for a possible good deal, though! In the meantime, I probably won’t be wearing this out and about. Not just because it’s in rough shape in that area, but because it’s tough to move too much in it: my shoulders, while not linebacker huge by any stretch, are pretty broad for vintage clothes and this dress *just* fits around them, and since the fabric doesn’t stretch, I have to be very careful when moving a lot (including sitting down) in it. This dress has one of those ridiculously tiny neck openings that seem to be common for the period, and my head barely fits through it. Same with the wrists on this dress–wtf?? I still totally love it though, and am proud to have it in my closet.

In “now” news, I got the bias binding pinned to the neckline of the Butterick 7131 dress. I didn’t have enough scrap fabric to be able to cut a long enough piece on the bias, so there will be two seams in the tape instead of one. Not ideal, but I’m making it work! I’ll probably sew that this week if I can get a free moment. Maybe I’ll finish it by the end of August, huh?

2 thoughts on “Past-O-Rama, 2nd Edition

  1. Love your newest acquistion, beautiful. I hate that the front has damage on it but if you wanted to try and repair it perhaps you could add a strip of fabric on each side of the buttons, maybe embroidered with a design that is of vintage design using both the colors of the skirt and the buttons.It is such a shame to leave it hanging all lonely in your closet!

    • That’s not a bad idea–thank you! I’ve tried to come up with ideas for fixing it, but I don’t want to have to unpick any existing seams due to the age and material involved. (My first instinct was to replace the cream piece entirely, but I snapped out of that delusion pretty fast!) It wouldn’t be as complicated if those holes were on a seam, you know? Some day it will be fit for wearing in public! =)

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