A Complete Lack of Progress, aka Business As Usual

Hello out there! I haven’t posted in over a week, so in keeping with the spirit of this blog’s purpose, I figured I ought to do an update before bed.

I have done nothing new with any existing or prospective projects. The band has been busy the past couple of weekends, and for the last 4 or 5 weekends we’ve had something to do! Weeknights are mostly spent decompressing and keeping the dog entertained. I did add to my stash (bad, bad Mads!!!) with something adorable from the one and only Mood, and I have plans for that stuff already–fitted vintage blouse!

In other sewing news, I have decided that Alice has to go. I had hoped that the ease built into patterns, combined with the B-cup standard, would have given me enough wiggle room to compensate for her bust being .5-1 inch bigger than mine, but that’s no longer our only problem. My favorite vintage shopkeeper measured my waist the other day (I asked about a 1930’s evening gown she had hanging up, because duh) and it turns out it’s smaller than I thought. It’s also smaller than Alice’s smallest measurement. (Total thin privilege problem, I know; nevertheless, it renders Alice useless in my hands.) So I’ll try returning her to Joann’s first, and if they won’t take her, I’ll list her online. I’ll most likely be getting a Uniquely You form at some point, since those can be customized.

Sorry for the depressingly unproductive update, y’all. Hopefully next time I’ll have actual progress to share! 

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