A New Toy!

Do you guys have any tools on your sewing wish lists? Things that you just can’t justify spending money on, but that you really want or that would really make your life easier? Last week, I got to cross one of those “things” off my list, thanks to some really silly luck.

Some things just aren’t meant to be…like me and Alice. She was a great deal and I had high hopes for our togetherness, but we just didn’t “fit.” (Heh, I made a terrible pun.) I packed her into the car and took her back to Joann’s last weekend. I didn’t have my receipt (which is what happens when I send my husband to do my errands!) but they were kind enough to take her back anyway. The young lady running the returns desk nervously pointed out that, without a receipt, I could only get a gift card with store credit. Oh darn, what would a silly sewist do with store credit at Joann’s??? =D As if that weren’t enough, the “lowest” price they had sold it for (which was the refund amount I’d get) was HIGHER than the price I’d paid for her. So let’s recap: I got rid of a too-big dressform, got my refund, AND basically got free money for more sewing things. Even *after* I told the lady what I’d paid for the form. Naturally, I decided not to argue further. I wasted little time in deciding what to buy with my fun money:


Olfa Self-Healing Cutting Mat!

Not only was I armed with a big gift card, I found a coupon on the Joann’s app (I love technology!) for 40% off one regularly-priced item. On this cutting mat–a 3-piece set that clips together to form one giant mat that’s 70″ long and nearly 3 feet high–that was a big deal! It smells funny, but whatever. I’d wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t going to drop that kind of money. I love it when things just work out! I’m having fun with it, but I am a little scared of my rotary cutter!

4 thoughts on “A New Toy!

  1. Sorry that Alice had to be returned home to the adoption agency, but sometimes you just have to do it. Congratulations on the score of a cutting mat! I am envious of such a large mat, I only have one that is 24 X 36. I have used it once, I too am afraid of my rotary cutter, I can’t seem to cut along the lines, but then again I was the kid that could not color within the lines either. And the loss of blood or worse yet the loss of a finger makes me go weak with fear. Have fun and protect those fingers!

  2. I just used my rotary cutter and mat for the first time on my last project, and I loved it! And I bet that huge mat is going to be so helpful. I love all the sewing toys!

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