On Hitting The Jackpot

Tonight I’m not writing about my Fall for Cotton projects, except to say that I’m still in the muslin stages and that I am almost certain I won’t complete even one project before the end of the month. And that’s okay! The good thing is that I’m working on them when I can, and they will get done eventually!

What I do want to write about is an amazingly cool gift that was given to me over the weekend. One of my husband’s distant cousins (who is really more like a friend than a distant relative–we love her!) sent me a message saying that her mother had a whole stockpile of vintage patterns; she wondered if I might like them. I felt like typing “YESSSSSSSSSSSS” with lots of exclamation points, but I kept my cool and said something a little less spastic. 🙂 This weekend, I stopped at her place to pick them up, and OMG it was like Christmas. An entire grocery bag full of patterns awaited me, and I really cannot begin to figure out which one to make first! There are some that look like they’re late 1930’s, and one that is probably 1970’s; most of them are 1940’s and 1950’s, which I love! Some probably have pieces missing, but our cousin will be bringing the entire pile of loose pattern pieces to me the next time she visits her mother. Below is a photo dump featuring my very favorites. The pants pattern literally made me squeal out loud when I saw it: I had been eyeing that one on Etsy, but felt that it was too expensive. Sure enough, someone else bought it, and I couldn’t find another listing for it anywhere. And here it is, falling into my lap for $0! Hence the squealing, haha!


OK, I’ll be honest: I posted this one because of the boobs. They’re insane!!


The mythical pants pattern–swoon!!


Capes and shawls!


I am all about that peplum suit at the bottom.


Pretty blouses, plus the gorgeous detail on the dress bodice at the bottom.

As you can see, this was a major haul for a vintage-obsessed sewist. And this is just a handful of them–the stack is enormous and contains probably close to 20 patterns. As if that weren’t enough, our cousin is also a home sewing enthusiast, and offered to let me poke around in one of her bins of remnant fabric finds. So I ended up with a bit of new fabric for free as well, and here it is:


New pretties!

I think most of this is cotton or a cotton/poly blend, but I think the polka dot stuff is rayon. I’ve got one other rayon in my stash but haven’t worked with it before, so I probably won’t bust that out for a little while until I’m comfortable. Most of the pieces are really small, but I’m hoping I can squeeze sleeveless tops out of most of the smaller remnants. The polka dots will probably end up being a cute 1930’s or 1940’s dress, since there’s a lot of it. Needless to say, my adventure on Saturday was very successful!

4 thoughts on “On Hitting The Jackpot

  1. What a treasure chest of patterns! They are all so beautiful! And the vintage fabrics, I can see how someone would squeal with delight! The last Simplicity pattern with the collarless dress, I love that! So vintage but still so current!

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