Simplicity 1089 – Construction, Phase 1

Since I neglected to take photos when I was sewing my Hawthorn, I decided to do things differently for vintage Simplicity 1089. I’ve got everything cut out (and have a lot of yardage left over, so I’ll probably make at least one more blouse out of this fabric) and have applied the interfacing at the neckline. And one thing I forgot to mention last time is that this pattern arrived UNCUT. That was an amazing surprise!


Uncut vintage pattern–yay!


I had some pretty cute help, too…


Fabric cut and ready to baste!


Underlining with interfacing

I got a bit of a late start this evening, so I stopped before basting the underlining to my main fabric or transferring any markings to the underlining. I did take care to match up the stripes on my fashion fabric so that they line up all the way around, and I’m going to pin the living hell out of the seams before I stitch to make sure they stay lined up! I’m planning to stop at Joann’s for my zipper tomorrow so that I can finish this up ASAP. Yay, progress!

One thought on “Simplicity 1089 – Construction, Phase 1

  1. I am still a long way from being done with my challenge but I also taking more pictures so that I can show my progress to completion. Can’t wait to see your completed garment.

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