Vintage Silk Pajamas: OMG!

This is another one of my vintage collection humble-brag posts, although I do have a new sewing project or two that I’m actively working on.

My best friend loved my Fall for Cotton blouse so much that when I offered to make her one of her own, she actually agreed to let me do that. Same fabric too, since I have plenty of it left; we’ll just have to call each other before hanging out to make sure that we aren’t both wearing it! I spent about 30 minutes this morning re-drafting the back pattern piece to suit her measurements, and I still have the front piece to do (plus the facing pieces, which I used to interface the neck opening rather than create facings). I want to have that done early this week so I can start the muslin for her to try on ASAP. On top of that, I’m going to try to make a muslin of the pants pattern that I’m obsessed with at the moment. I should really be pouring over my blouse patterns, since that’s where my wardrobe is really thin, but those damned pants have been calling to me for a long time! On top of all of that, I’m working 7 days a week–until 7PM or sometimes 8PM on weeknights–and I’m trying to re-work my routine so that I can keep the house clean, be prepared for band practice each week, and still find time to eat and shower and talk to my husband and pet my cats and dog. Yikes.

ANYWAY. I got these AMAZING silk pajamas at The Alley (my local vintage haunt/second place of employment) and I am in love with them. It’s not a matching set, but I don’t care–the pieces look cute together and are both made of silk, so there was no way I was letting them stay behind at the store!


Aren’t they yummy??


Pants! The waistband comes to a point in front and has a deco feel to it.


Top! It’s slouchy and super comfortable.

The shop owner wasn’t working today, so I can’t confirm the age of these pieces, but the pants could be really old. I’m basing that on the downward point of the front of the waistband, which is very art deco-inspired. They’re a little too short for me (more like pirate pants or knickers than pants) but are SO comfy. Seriously, I’m not going to want my ass to be covered by non-silk pants anymore. I wish I could live in these forever. I’m fairly certain that the top is newer than the pants, but it’s no less awesome. I got these ‘jammies TODAY, and was so excited that I had to wear and blog them at once. I feel like people who sleep in silk PJs just wake up feeling and looking more beautiful and serene, and I’m eager to test that totally unscientific theory.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Silk Pajamas: OMG!

  1. What a wonderful find! I love the iris embroidery on the top. Being silk is icing on the cake. I applaud your time management skills, you must not sleep, all those hours working, taking care of household, mate, pets and still find time to sew!

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