And Suddenly, The Wild Beast of Ambition Appears!

I’ve been MIA online lately due to a busy meatspace schedule, but here’s an update!

You may remember me flapping my gums about this pattern a few months ago:


Vintage Simplicity 1281

I never got around to starting on this one like I meant to, having gotten distracted by other projects. BUT! Not only have I finally gotten this pattern out of the envelope, I’ve actually started sewing it in my fashion fabric. BEHOLD!


It’s inside-out and not fully ironed, but you get the idea!

I’m really excited about this project right now. Mostly because we’ve been drafted for family photos next weekend, and our instructions are to wear black and/or grey, plus an accent color. The other instruction was to keep it casual. These restrictions pretty much left me with jeans (I’ve even got a pair in grey!) and a black jumper, but I refuse to be photographed in those things (I only wear skinny jeans, and am not comfortable having every outline of my lower body photographed, and the black jumper rides up the moment I move in it, plus is too big in the tummy region). Naturally, this created a bit of a problem for me in terms of wardrobe. And then I remembered this pattern and fabric, and I decided I would wear this–just as soon as I finished making it, anyway. 

This is a serious time-crunch project: I decided to make it on Monday this week, and the photos are happening next weekend. But given how much progress I’ve made after just one sewing session, I’m feeling optimistic. My obstacles will be a lapped zipper (UGH UGH UGH) and making sure the straps are an appropriate length. I need to cut about 3-4″ off of the bottom of the skirt as is before hemming, because I do not want a long skirt. It’s hanging up for now to let the bias grain stretch; don’t want to ruin all my hard work by not doing this step!

I’m curious, y’all: what’s the tightest deadline you’ve ever given yourself for a start-to-finish sewing project? Did you get it done in time? Were you happy with the finished result?

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