In Which The Blogger Retires The Phrase, “I Never Win Anything!”

“See? My ridiculous luck is starting to rub off on you!”

That was my husband’s response to my greatest raffle victory to date: this summer, I won a brand new Janome 7330 Magnolia sewing machine, having been one of dozens of people to enter a ticket in the grand prize drawing at the “Grand Opening” event held by a wonderful independent sewing boutique in our neighborhood. (It’s within walking distance of my house–how great is that?!?) In between high-pitched shrieks and screams, I reminded him that I don’t really believe in “luck.” Stuff happens. Some of it is good, some of it is awful, some of it is just…stuff. It can be caused by our own actions, the actions of others, the structure/faulty nature of our society, or blind chance and entropy, or any combination of these things (and more). Obviously, this rapturous news is one example of good stuff, and I got myself down to that shop the next day they were open and picked up my prize, smiling like a fool.

I almost never bother to enter drawings anymore, mostly because when I did enter them, I never won. Not a big deal. When I stopped by the sewing boutique that day, I fully intended to enter that drawing (which they advertised in advance, because DUH, PEOPLE WHO SEW LOVE FREE AWESOME SEWING MACHINES). I already had a sewing machine at home, but come on: few sewists could resist the chance to win a new sewing machine! Plus, this one was higher-end than the one I had gotten for myself (albeit with fewer extras), which made it even more appealing. Once I got the machine home, I set it up and played with it. I compared it to my Brother CS6000i, and decided that I preferred the Janome, even though the Brother had come with lots more feet and stitch options. Maybe it was the euphoria of winning something so significant that helped me decide, but I haven’t regretted it. The CS6000i is still sitting in my dining/sewing room (and is now in need of repairs, but that’s another story for another entry) and I’m hoping to get it fixed up and sell it for no more than I paid. BUT I DIGRESS.

You would think that, having won just about the best sewing-related prize possible, I would quit while I was ahead. But no. When the delightful and talented Kathy over at The Nerdy Seamstress announced she was having a giveaway featuring not one, but TWO lovely Colette patterns, I entered. Thinking I had surely exhausted all of my Universal Karma points with the sewing machine drawing, I certainly didn’t think I’d win this one. I was wrong. I was so shocked (and COMPLETELY EXCITED) about my win that I was inspired to write this post! So thank you once again, Kathy, for your generosity. Hopefully my finished garments turn out even half as nice as the things you have made!

In light of this utterly ridiculous “lucky” streak that I’ve been on this year, I really will have to stop complaining that I “never win anything,” because now it’s a lie. I’m okay with that. 🙂

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