I’m On Bloglovin’!

Hello again, dearies!

If you glance to your left, you will notice that I finally claimed this damn blog on Bloglovin’–woo hoo! I use Bloglovin’ to keep up with the sewing corner of the Web-o-sphere (because seriously, there are SO many great sewists who blog and without a reader platform, I’d never keep up!) and I just learned that I can claim my own blog there, as well. So yay!

I’ll be spending my lunch hour tweaking the blog a little bit (rather than napping like I usually do). I’m tired of how boring and “stock” it is, and I want to make it more reflective of my personality. Themes on WP are a little limiting for that, I know, but the least I can do is add a more appropriate header photo. I’ll also add links to Flickr, Instagram, etc. in the sidebar so I can do more sharing of photos as I take them, rather than waiting until I have the time to sit down and write a new post. Thanks for reading!

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