So, “Sew Grateful Week” Is A Thing…

…and while I’m not participating in the generosity-driven portions of the week, such as giveaways and sharing lots of resources (having just learned of this tonight kind of makes that tough), I plan to write a post for tomorrow at least. I’ll probably try to do a roundup post with some tutorials that have helped me or my favorite Etsy shops for patterns or fabric, because that shouldn’t be too hard, right? I love this concept, and am glad that Debi at My Happy Sewing Place is hosting it! If you want to learn more about Sew Grateful Week, go here!

I’ve got my sidebars about where I want them, but still haven’t changed my header! I simply have no appropriate photos, so it looks like I’ll have to come up with some ideas and take new photos. Should be a fun challenge, and it will be nice to have limitless possibilities for what my header could look like!

I’ve got my muslin laid out for the playsuit pattern, so hopefully I can start that soon. (I know, I know: I’ve said that for like 3 weeks now!) I also finally got my envelope project finished, so all my patterns have safe and properly labelled homes to go to now–hooray!

It’s bedtime at the Mads House, so I’ll catch all of you beautiful people later for Day 2 of Sew Grateful!

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