Pattern Review 2014 Fitted Blouse Contest!

Why does it seem like I can’t get motivated to finish a project unless there is a contest or sew-along or event involved?!? I suppose I shouldn’t complain because hey, it makes me productive, right? 🙂

Pattern Review is having a new contest starting on March 1: sewing a fitted blouse!

2014 Fitted Blouse - Skill Level BEGINNER

I have been signed up for Pattern Review for several months now, and I’m sad to say that I don’t make use of the site as much as I could. (Come to think of it, I need to submit reviews for some of the patterns I’ve sewn…) But what little interaction/experience I’ve had there has been really good, and I’m excited to participate with their community! Apparently this is a new type of contest for them, since competitors are divided by skill level: competitors must classify themselves as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. I appreciate that as a novice, simply because I wouldn’t feel quite so confident going up against expert-level seamstresses, even with my best work! I’m madssews over there–are any of you on PR?? I’ll make sure to blog about my progress here, of course; I’m hoping to do better with my finishing techniques this time around, at least! I’ve already got a pattern in mind, naturally. I’ll be using a pretty shot cotton from my stash, and I’m hoping that I’ll have some buttons in my collection that will work nicely. If not, that should be the only notion (apart from matching thread) that I need to buy–hooray! I’ve got a pretty decent button stash now, but I don’t know if I have anything that will work with the color of my fabric. Looks like I’ll have to go digging tonight! 😉

I’ll have another post today for Sew Grateful Week, but that will have to wait for later. Hope you lovelies can handle two doses of Mads in one day!

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