Fitted Blouse Contest – Getting Started

Hello again!

I’ve been working on my Pattern Review Fitted Blouse Contest project whenever I can, and I’ve got a few photos to share. (Here is a link to the discussion thread for this contest if you’re interested–I’m so excited about it!) I’m glad we have the entire month to do this, because I already feel so far behind; my muslin isn’t even finished yet! 

Here is my pattern and fabric for this contest–isn’t it pretty?? 🙂


Except for the thread, this is a stash-busting project–yay!

And just what the hell am I planning to do with these awesome materials, you ask? Behold:


Vintage Simplicity 2343. I’m going for the version on the far right.

I’m really excited about this project. I love this pattern so much, and it fills a need in my wardrobe. I’ve envisioned this piece since buying the fabric, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally happening after all these months! And because I can’t just do something and have it be straightforward, I’ve decided to do my best to make the collar detachable. I bought an AMAZING vintage beaded collar at the shop that matches this shirt perfectly (and of course I forgot to photograph it–sorry, guys!) and I want to be able to swap it for the original rather than just lay it over top and hope it doesn’t slip around. We’ll see how I do! My plan at this point is to utilize snaps.

As I mentioned above, I’ve got my muslin started. I traced this one, because I know it won’t fit right out of the envelope based on my experience with my last fitted vintage blouse. My Fall for Cotton project was my size (bust-wise, anyway), and I still felt like I could have made a few adjustments to the fit in a few places; this pattern is a size bigger, so I know I will swim in it if I don’t start out with some changes. Step 1: remove 1/2″ width from each seam line. Step 2: sew that shit together and see if it helped. Step 3: figure out how to adjust the sleeve pieces to fit into the no-longer-matching armholes. I screwed up the cutting of the muslin already, by not cutting the front on a fold. I’ll fix it, I promise! 🙂 

I’ve been a little mystified by the darts on this blouse. Have any of you ever seen these before??


Weird-ass darts

Here’s how they look pinned in place (I think?):


It looks right, and yet it doesn’t. O_o

If any of you have helpful advice on sewing darts that look like this, please share in the comments–I’d love correction or reassurance, whichever is appropriate. Hopefully once I sew them, it will become clear to me whether or not they’re right!

What are all of you working on? Is anyone else out there entering this contest at Pattern Review? 

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