Humble-Brag – Fabric Edition

Truth time: this post is basically an excuse to brag online about a super-sweet fabric deal that I got. I know my fellow sewists will understand that feeling! (My husband is kind of bored of hearing about it, which is no fun!)

Last week, I was cruising around Pattern Review, as I do most days. I ended up on the Fabric message board, and saw a thread about a 50% off sale at a website called Elliott Berman; that day happened to be the final day of the sale. I could have sworn I’d heard of the place before, and then it hit me: I’d seen their site linked on Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, a truly fabulous sewing blog that I love reading. (If you’re not reading Carolyn’s blog, you must start straight away! Her finishing is impeccable and I love her approach to sewing.) I then remembered that HOLY SHIT THAT’S THE WEBSITE WITH ALL THE DESIGNER FABRICS. I had bookmarked their Chanel page a few months ago but hadn’t been able to bring myself to place an order, since I have responsibilities, etc. ANYWAY. I immediately went to their site and, sure enough, the home page was covered with an announcement for the 50% off sale; I noted that it did not list any exceptions, so I went straight to the Chanel section. I figured they had to have sold out of the two wools I liked, because how could they not? Oh, dear readers, I was in for a shock.

Not only were my favorite wools not sold out, they were plentiful enough for me to order what I needed and I most definitely got every fucking yard at half price. I think my mouth hung open for 10 minutes after I completed my purchase, because this is just not a thing that happens. I’m dying. I died. I’m dead.

Oh. I’m sorry, did you want to see some fabulous Chanel wool that will someday become jackets and capes? Very well:


Boucle! Look at those colors!!!


Same boucle, minus the flash on my camera. Yep, still gorgeous.


Black metallic wool chenille brocade!!

I wasn’t able to get a super-good photo of the black brocade, but it IS metallic and completely fabulous. (The floral bit is the bow that tied my packing slip to the fabric.) I shouldn’t play favorites, but I do. Oh, I sure do. I love them both, truly, but the black wool was the one I decided I would order SOMEDAY when I could justify spending that kind of money on one cut of fabric. It’s just…splendid. And more versatile than the technicolor couture candy in the first 2 photos. So even though I was able to get both fabrics, the black metallic stuff is a little more special to me.

I haven’t chosen patterns for these fabrics yet, but I know they’ll be vintage. I’m naively hoping to be able to get 2 items out of each piece, but we’ll see about that. If only one item per fabric is possible, the black chenille will be what gets turned into a cape. And then I’ll be swanning around resisting the urge to shout, “Oh, do you like my jacket/cape? IT’S CHANEL.”

(I seriously owe the person who posted that announcement on Pattern Review a high-five; like, the high-five to end all high-fives.)

8 thoughts on “Humble-Brag – Fabric Edition

  1. A good find is priceless! I love those Chanel fabrics and I have to admit I am having a little ‘fabric envy’ right now. Most men just do not understand the love we can have for fabric! Silly Boys! I will be watching for that new cape!

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