Fabric Stashing With Mads

Hello again!

Predictably, I have not started any new projects since finishing the ultimate cat lady outfit. I haven’t made any progress on the one thing I’ve got cut out, either! Again, totally typical of me. The outlook for productivity in my sewing room is bleak for the next week or so: my in-laws (who I actually really do adore–they’re wonderful) are visiting us this weekend, so I am in CLEAN ALL THE THINGS mode…

Like a fuckin' adult

Like a fuckin’ adult

This means that my sewing area will likely be reverting back to its original dining room-like configuration in the event that we cook (LOL) or get pizza one night (probably). Think of it like those rooms in movies/tv shows where a wall spins to reveal something totally awesome, like a mid-century bar, and then spins back into Middle Class Wall mode again as needed. Except, you know, without the automated capabilities and with much more swearing and sadness…

Per my title today, I was very bad. Very, very bad. But I can explain: it’s all Fabric Mart’s fault!!!! They had a 40% off sale for Halloween, and I went a little nuts. I bought 19 yards of fabric. 😦 One of them is an AMAZING silk twill with motherfucking cheetahs on it. Seriously: where was that stuff when I was doing it up Cat Lady style? Oh well, better late than never. Hello, future feline dress!

I also got some modal/silk jersey so that I can use it to line eventual bra cups. My boobs and I are very excited about that prospect, in the event that I ever get around to sewing anything ever again. I also ordered some Marc Jacobs bottom weight cotton for a pair of late 50’s/early 60’s high-waisted skinny pants (duh), and a lot of knits, which is weird for me. Weirder still, most of the knits I got are bold. Like, REALLY bold. I have ideas for all of them, otherwise I would never have pulled the trigger on something like a zebra print knit with bright-ass blue floral border action. (Hey Fabric Mart: let me know if you ever have a job opening for naming fabrics on the website, k? 😉 ) Nothing for Tom (or Gretchen Weiners), but so it goes. I’m sure I’ll post photos instead of links once these beauties arrive at my house, so check back in several days if you’re into that sort of thing!

I re-organized my fabric stash about a month or two ago. I had been very proud that my entire fabric stash fit into one big Rubbermaid bin, and it definitely did…until I took everything out of there and tried to put it all back in again. So now I have two bins where things are folded relatively nicely, and both are pretty full. I may have to start looking for someplace else for this new shipment to hang out, because I doubt those bins have any room! On the one hand, I feel guilty and bad for stashing–it sits there and sits there, and it takes me FOREVER to sew anything. Plus, fabric isn’t free, and it’s not like I have an unlimited budget. And let’s be real: my tastes are kind of expensive, and I can be a total fabric snob; it’s not like I’m stocking up on $2/yard polyester (not that there’s anything wrong with that). On the other hand, I will get around to everything eventually, and almost never buy fabric without an idea of what to do with it, and only buy it at full-price if desperate. I also very rarely shop for new RTW clothes, a recent (unblogged) denim fiasco aside. I buy underpants and some vintage clothing, but not often. I definitely want to curb my stashing, since I have a few years worth of material and limited storage space and sew slower than the speed of smell…

Do any of you stash? Do you ever feel bad about it? If you have any fabric organization tips, feel free to share them!

11 thoughts on “Fabric Stashing With Mads

  1. I do constantly and I have the same problem, it seems to double in size once I take it out of wherever it is stashed haha! At the moment I stash them in Ikea boxes according to the type of fabric it sort of works… I don’t really feel bad though, because there’s been times I’ve seen this lovely print at the shop and didn’t buy it because I didn’t know what to do with it and then when I did know it didn’t exist anymore haha!

  2. Love all the fabrics you picked. You have a bright future in fabric naming. If you haven’t seen my stash folding post, check it out. It’s my #1 most viewed post so I’m going to say that there are lots and lots of people out there who have stashes, me included. http://www.detectivehoundstooth.com/stash-folding-like-a-pro/ I never feel bad about it. I feel bad when I’m in a pinch and end up spending an arm and a leg for horrible quality at JoAnn’s.

  3. Oh this post makes me feel better. I just organised my fabric stash: it’s immense. And I’m not sure I can stop it growing. 19 yards is a great achievement! The cheetahs fabric is is the best thing I ever did see…. What do you have planned with the magic zebra border fabric? Or is that top secret?

  4. Ah ha ha, don’t you just love those sales! Worse than that is when you get on those emails lists for on line fabric stores and they keep telling you to buy, buy, buy, and I sometimes do, do, do! I usually stop buying when I can’t fit anything else in my Rubbermaid bin, usually, but sometimes a trip to the “big city” comes up and I buy more, that sits in the original store bag on top of the Rubbermaid bin. Patterns, everything else, very nicely organized. Fabric… no.

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