Miscellaneous “Mads”ness

Well hi!

I disappeared for over a month, and here’s what I have accomplished:

-My new machine is HOME and amazing and I am head-over-heels in love with it.

-I bought a serger. A Motherfucking Serger. Holy crap, you guys–who am I?!?!?

-I took a paper piecing class and finished the project, but haven’t done anything useful with it (like turned it into a pillowcase front like I plan to do)

-Bought patterns (duh)

-Bought fabric (even bigger DUH)

-Mostly made a pair of JEANS. JEANSSSSSSSSSSS. Out of real denim and everything. They’re just a fitting mock-up with no waistband, but I am pretty self-satisfied on account of this one.

-Broke my first needle sewing said jeans; having never used a zipper foot before (LOLOL I KNOW RIGHT?), I forgot to change the needle position and it smashed into the zipper foot, which escaped with a battle scar but no other damage. Luckily, no eyeballs or sewing machines were injured in order to bring you this moment of schadenfreude.

-Embarked on the 2015 Handmade Xmas Gift saga, which includes CRAFT ITEMS this year. (Lest you all think I have gone completely mad, the crafts are a stuffed shark for a friend’s child and some Sewaholic Stanley Trees for my siblings and parents, and not even out of xmas-themed fabric. And no, those aren’t their only gifts from yours truly.)

-Made about a thousand other plans for my sewing adventures to round out this year and begin the next, as one does…

-Decided to host Thanksgiving for friends, which requires the tearing down of most of my sewing area in addition to planning a meal for 5.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of progress on the sewing front up there^^^^. Things have been weird. Mostly, my lack of execution has been the result of a bit of very troublesome family news that came through a few weeks ago; I won’t go into detail out of respect for my family member(s), but suffice it to say that the lot of us are struggling to come to terms with what we’ve been told and figure things out as we try to keep plugging along and be supportive. I am trying to push myself past the motivational brick wall (not least of all because as stunned as we all are, things could have been much worse) and keep my mind busy by planning sewing projects, doing pattern work, or reading. It helps that I am committed to a once-a-week gathering with some friends for sewing and drafting stuff, and we’re all trying to psych each other up about jeans. So that’s mostly why I’ve disappeared since the last post; I’m not sorry, but I have missed blogging! I am sure that those of you who have had similarly difficult things going on can agree that it can be very hard to focus on anything else, and that’s about where I am at the moment. But I am trying.

I have nothing fun to share today, guys. I just wanted to check in–I haven’t been commenting around too much, but I’m here, reading your blogs and hoping I will have something good to post very soon. Fingers crossed! ❤


10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous “Mads”ness

  1. I think your list of ‘things accomplished’ is pretty impressive! I can identify with the lack of motivation that comes with an unforeseen crisis/change. It can be paralyzing. But it sounds like you’re finding ways to work through it and I’m envious of your once a week get together with sewing friends. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your holiday and your new machine….

  2. Oof, that kind of family news is so hard – takes all of your energy to process! Hope things settle down soon. Can i suggest sewing some leggings on your new serger? Takes less than 30 min and is soooooo relaxing. Espresso leggings are my favourite! 🙂

    • Thank you, Gillian. ❤ Leggings are right up there on my "to-serge" list–great minds, huh? 🙂 I am hoping to knock out some surprise gifts for Tom first (Men's Hudson Pants!), but I got the new Sewaholic leggings during their recent BOGO sale and am excited to try them!

  3. Sometimes “real life” can take away from sewing and blogging (so is this the “fake life?”) I hope everything settles down for you and I look forward to your next projects. No rush, though! Don’t stress too much 🙂

    • Yes, indeed–if only I could plug into the Matrix and pretend, LOL! I am simultaneously working on xmas gifts and a garment, so between that and all the personal stuff, it’s nuts! And seriously, if I finish this thing I am working on for myself, I will hate-wear it and hate-blog it, and then put it away for a long, long time, LOL. Project from hell. =)

  4. Woo hoo a new machine, jeans and serger!! Wow! Sorry to hear that there’s unexpected news to cope with, I hope it all works out and you’re able to work through it. Can’t wait to see all your serged garments!

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