Reeta II: Copycat Boogaloo

Friends, I have made another Reeta midi shirtdress, and it may look a liiiiiiiittle familiar:

PicMonkey Collage

Suspiciously similar!

Scioto Mile Pics (5 of 30)

Scioto Mile Pics (6 of 30)

Hem split action!

Scioto Mile Pics (10 of 30)


Scioto Mile Pics (3 of 30)

That’s right: I practically #singlewhitefemaled Named’s sample dress. O_o I actually did search–in vain–for THE floral rayon they used for the sample. I needed a Reeta in that poppy red color! ❤ ❤ ❤ Sometime after concluding that fruitless search, I ended up on Harts Fabric’s website, which I had never patronized before, and they had just gotten this beautiful rayon satin in stock. Yay! Not only is it the most perfect shade of poppy red (which they describe as “tomato”), the flowers themselves are pretty colors, too. I paid more per-yard for this rayon than I ever have for that fiber–$12.99–but I think it was worth it.

I bought 3 yards exactly. I knew that would be cutting it close, but I didn’t hand over that kind of money lightly–paying for an extra 1/2 yard was too rich for my blood. Plus, I had gotten my last Reeta (complete with self fabric drawstring) out of 3 yards of rayon that was the same width as this stuff, so I figured it would be fine. Unlike my last Reeta, I used self fabric for my yoke facing because I found working with such a difference in drape in the yoke/sleeve/collar area (cotton muslin vs. rayon challis) to be annoying last time. I also opted to interface the turn backs of the front facings and the upper collar this time, using plain old cotton muslin which I hand-basted in place.

Randomly, during our “photoshoot,” I noticed there was a hole in this dress–WTF?!?!? I have no idea what caused it (it wasn’t shears or the serger, based on where it is) but it definitely needed to be patched before it frayed further. It was about the diameter of a Q-tip and just appeared out of nowhere. I can’t tell if it was a flaw in the yardage that I missed, or if some catastrophe befell the dress while I wasn’t around. I was very cranky about it, let me tell you; I am really careful with my self-made stuff, during AND after construction, and was gutted to see that my brand new, worn-once dress was already damaged. But I did get it fixed:


Before and After; thanks to the Fray Check being wet, you can just make out the entire patch on the right. Not too shabby, eh?

So I guess the moral of this story is threefold: 1.) Be extra careful with things, lest you puncture them somehow, 2.) Check your yardage extensively BEFORE you cut stuff out, just in case there is a flaw, and 3.) Keep your fabric scraps until you are 1,000,000% sure the project is done and dusted. (Obviously this fix is brought to you by #3–thank goodness I am a lazy tidier!)

Pattern Notes

Since I made this pattern successfully once before, I really didn’t need to change much this time around. Once again, I shortened the dress by about 2-3″. I did not, however, alter the length of the splits because I forgot. 😦

Having learned from my first Reeta, I did remember to move the pockets up on this one! They are now 3/4″ higher and look much better. (They are really droopy though, moreso than on the last version. Hmmm…maybe it’s the fabric?) Other than that, I just did everything the same way as before–that’s what makes repeats so awesome!

Here are a few more photos of our setting: the Scioto Mile! It’s a really pretty mostly-green space in downtown Columbus, along the river. There are pedestrian sections on the two bridges over the river, walking/biking paths, and even some fountains for playing in, all in view of the city’s skyline! And also a deer sculpture, because why not?

Scioto Mile Pics (16 of 30)


Scioto Mile Pics (20 of 30)

The Deer

Scioto Mile Pics (19 of 30)

Someone was on the other side of the sculpture, so we didn’t get more shots with the deer. =(

Scioto Mile Pics (1 of 30)

Scioto Mile Pics (8 of 30)

Not flattering (aka Thank Goodness For Drawstrings)

Scioto Mile Pics (23 of 30)

The best I could do–there were many more attempts at looking “pretty” but they weren’t very successful. #notamodel

Anyway, that’s it for me today! I am still planning on doing a planning post (HAH!) for my summer wardrobe, so hopefully I will be back soon to share that with you. Thanks for reading!

What are you sewing right now? Have you ever had to repair a garment due to an accident or other mishap? Have you ever balked at the price of a not-necessarily-luxury fabric? (And be honest: did you buy it anyway? 😉)

PS: I have updated my “About” page in the aftermath of something that happened a couple of weeks ago. I know reblogging is allowed on WordPress (and that you literally can’t do anything about it, except hide that button or make your blog totally private, should the reblog-er refuse to take your post down), but I am not comfortable with anyone using my blog posts and photos that way. That goes double if someone holds views that I find morally objectionable–I don’t want my work associated with such beliefs. So if you want to reblog a post from here, please do me the courtesy of asking first, so that I can tell you “No” to your face. And never, ever use images from this site that are my property: you don’t want to find out how serious I am about enforcing THAT guideline. Again, if you wish to use a photo and properly attribute it to me, ask first. 

I’m not averse to being social with my sewing hobby–that’s why I have a blog. But I do expect that people will be respectful of my boundaries and the effort I put into blogging and the effort that Tom puts into my photos. If you really want to show your readers what a hack I am, or what the World’s Best Dog looks like, just link to a post–I’m FINE with that. I’ve made some amazing connections because of blogging–this notice isn’t because of anyone I am Internet Friends with–and I have no plans to make my space private. So please, any-and-everyone, respect these boundaries.

17 thoughts on “Reeta II: Copycat Boogaloo

  1. Gorgeous fabric and I would have purchased it no matter what the price tag! The rayon flows so perfectly for that lovely dress!! Your photos are spectacular too…your photographer earns his keep. A summer planning post would be fabulous. I could use a bit of inspiration!

  2. You crack me up! Im about to do something similar with the Talviki! Your dress is fab. Can named ever go wrong? (The answer may shock you…)

  3. That is beautiful fabric. I would have gone for it too! Long time ago I had a RTW skirt that was a similar print and I just loved it! I have never seen that fabric again. I recently paid a ridiculous sum of money for my kimono fabric for my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER project (about $100!) but it will be a jacket that will last forever and I love the fabric. So sorry to hear about your trouble. I have to approve comments on my blog before they are posted. That might annoy some commenters but it sure catches the rude, disgusting comments!

    • That’s always the temptation with seeing a fabric that’s special, isn’t it? We know it won’t be there forever so we’d better buy it! 😉 I cannot wait to see your luxe jacket: I’m sure the fabric is amazing and will bring you joy that’s well worth the sticker price!

      I am sorry you’ve had to put your comments on those settings; I’ve been lucky and haven’t had comment issues, just this reblogging thing. I never expected something like that to happen, despite WordPress allowing it–it was just such a random thing, and I have no idea why my post got picked by that person. At least with comments you can control and remove them: reblogs aren’t that way at all, which is why it was so frustrating! =/

  4. Sorry about that dickhead who reblogged…that sucks! But your dress looks beaut! I have MORE THAN ONCE had to repair garments… usually I cut into the fabric like an idiot while thinking (EVERYTIME), “Oh I really should be careful with trimming this seam so I don—DAMNIT”.

    In other news: I got back into my wordpress (YAY). Also: is your title a reference to Chardee MacDennis????? PLEASE LET IT BE SO.

    • You know, I honestly thought at first that I *must* have clipped the dress by accident–what else could have happened? But no, it’s not in a place where I would have been trimming anything, nor could it have gotten caught up in the serger in that spot. Total mystery!!!

      YAYYYYYY for getting into your WP account! And actually the title is a reference to “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” which was an actual movie and was the reference (I assume) for that Always Sunny episode title. I have never seen an episode of that show, but keep meaning to give it a shot!

      • Fair enough, though sometimes when I am trimming, fabric bunches up underneath and I may have (more than once shhhh) ended up with a hole in the middle….but I do tend to rush things lol.

        I did not know that it was a movie! And yes, clearly the inspiration for the sunny episode. I highly recommend watching it, start from the beginning if you can. First season is a bit slower but still funny in its own right. It is hands down the funniest TV show on right now…like Seinfeld but with worse people. We’ve watched every season *multiple* times and it gets funnier every time. If you do decide to give it a try let me know! I’d love to know what you think about it!

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