2013 Roundup – An Abbreviated Version

Since I didn’t start sewing (or blogging) until halfway through 2013, I don’t have a lot to post before the clock winds down on this year, but I figured I ought to post a little something.

I’m trying to set goals for myself for 2014, but be realistic and not too demanding. (Working 2 jobs and being in a band means that any tight deadlines are bound to get missed, which will only create a cycle of frustration and disappointment, and those aren’t feelings I want to associate with sewing!) First up is to get organized! My stash is folded in a bin, which is not the worst, but I’d like to come up with a better way to map out which fabric is flagged for which pattern, etc. without ending up with shreds of paper everywhere. Spreadsheet, perhaps?? I’ve already made photocopies of my pattern envelopes so that I can store them safely without risking additional damage; next up is tracing off the patterns as I get to them, which will be tedious but worth it.

In a similar vein, I would like to plan projects more efficiently. Is it winter? Try sewing one piece that is appropriate for that season DURING THAT SEASON. Or better yet, sew one season ahead of schedule! Ideally, I’d like to complete one garment a month.

I’d like to shop my stash more this coming year as well. I did a decent enough job of that so far, but I’ve got lots to work with and since it’s already paid for, it’s more economical, too. (Although I have at least 3 different silks floating around in there, and they terrify me.) 

I’d like to make things for other people. I owe my bestie a copy of the blouse I made earlier this Fall, and Tom really wants some Thread Theory shirts (I’ve created a monster). 

I’d like to learn new skills, and improve on what I can already do. 

I’d like to get around to mending my vintage clothes that need it, that way they’ll last another 70 years! 

I’d like to blog more frequently, even if it’s just about my plans or inspiration. I love being part of such a great community online, and I want to participate as well as consume.

That’s all, I suppose! Have a Happy New Year, wherever you are; may you ring in 2014 surrounded by love, joy, and the promise of a fresh start.