Snow Day Show-Off: New Stuff and Plans Galore!

I don’t know about all y’all, but we’re having a snow day here in Ohio! (My office is open, but I took some vacation time today; no sense in driving in a Level 2 emergency when I’ve got time left.) One thing I plan to do today is clean up and organize my sewing area, which at present looks like a pair of toddlers tossed stuff all over the table and didn’t put it away. (Nope, no toddlers here…can I blame my cats somehow? :P) I’ve got lots of pattern envelopes that I photocopied, so I’d like to be able to tape those to the mailers I bought and put the pattern inside and then file them in a (cute) box.

I’ve also got big plans for myself with respect to actually sitting down and sewing, though I don’t expect to get far with that stuff today. I’ve gotten lots of new patterns lately (I know, I know: I need to stop already!) and when I came across a particular pattern and fabric on Etsy last week, I got super-inspired. Behold:


My future playsuit!

I’m really excited about this one, you guys. I’ve wanted a playsuit pattern for a LONG time (we call them rompers now, right?), and this 1950’s iteration is almost exactly what I had envisioned. (I got it here, but there are other copies of it at other shops, too.) When I saw the vintage 1950’s fabric in another Etsy shop, I just knew it was meant to be! And our store just happened to get a small jewelry consignment last week, and it contained two mother-of-pearl vintage buckles; this one was calling my name, and I’m so excited to have found the perfect use for it already! You may be thinking, “Mads, what kind of crazy bastard makes a 1950’s playsuit in the dead of winter in Ohio??” If you’re thinking that, you totally have a point. But for me, striking while my inspiration is actually functioning is a necessity; besides, what better way to give winter the big middle finger than to sew a summer piece to lift my spirits? (Especially since this winter has destroyed the drain pipes to our upstairs bathroom with its freakishly freezing temperatures, but I suppose that’s another post for another day!) I’d like to get this pattern muslin’d by the end of the week, so we’ll see how I do!

Also in the works is the bra pattern I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve got my mesh and ribbon and cotton, and I’m ready to try out lingerie for the first time:


All this stuff may eventually turn into a bra–not magic, but close!

The cotton I’m using for the bra was bought on sale at the sewing shop down the street as part of a remnants sale they were having last year. I’ll have plenty left to make a blouse out of it, too, which was my original plan for the yardage.

My last photo dump features notions that I’ve racked up recently: more buckles (art deco this time!) and some antique buttons!! I also got some vintage lavender-colored buttons that I seem to have lost somewhere in the house, which is a bummer, since I’ll need them for that blouse I mentioned in the last paragraph. I hope I find them! =(


Almost too pretty to use…almost. =)


Hand-painted, even. Whoa.


Some didn’t photograph well, but I promise that they’re awesome!


Wow. Many deco. Such buckle.

FTR, my reaction to those buckles was not unlike Homer Simpsons’s gurgling noise when he’s thinking about delicious donuts…Seriously, I can’t believe how awesome they are! And they’re mine. (But the Etsy shop where I got them has more!)

That’ll do it for this entry–gotta get to work in that sewing room so that this day off isn’t a total waste! Hope you guys are warm and safe today, wherever you are!

New Stuff at The “Mads” House

It’s my first post of 2014–yay! I hope everyone has had a good start to 2014, and that you haven’t accidentally written 2013 on any important documents. 😉

Things have been busy here, of course. I haven’t done any sewing yet this year, which is depressing. BUT: I have acquired several awesome sewing-related pretties that I can’t wait to put to use once I start up for the year. I’ve put photos of a few of them below, naturally. 🙂


New patterns and buckles


Close-up of the buckles!

The 1940’s dress pattern at the top right was a gift from Tom for xmas, but all the others I bought for myself. I’m especially excited about the cape pattern, because I have been obsessed with them lately. The 1930’s dress/cape pattern (as seen in the buckle close-up) is another of my favorites. I’m very intrigued by the measurements on this particular pattern; unlike most sewing patterns, there is not a vast difference in the bust and waist measurements in any of the sizes. For instance, this pattern lists a 28″ bust as having a corresponding 26″ waist–that’s very different to what I’ve seen on other vintage patterns, even from this era. Because of that, I’ll have to do some serious grading at the waist, I suspect (and no, 28″ is not my bust size–my ribs are a bit bigger than that, haha!). The Depew bra pattern is also really exciting, because I’ve never tried to make underthings before and Anna at A Few Threads Loose always has such beautiful patterns available at her Etsy store. I’ve got all the materials to make the bra, and I’m hoping to start it tonight after work. Hopefully it helps to kickstart my 2014 sewing mojo!