Progress and A New Challenge

Good Evening, Internet!

I’ve been away for a little while thanks to a busier-than-usual schedule in meatspace, but I’ve finally managed to get a few sewing things done. This dress is now one step away from completion but, since I am determined to do all my hems by hand, it may be several days before it’s officially ready to wear out of the house. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I’ve invested time and some $$ in it, so it’s getting worn. If nothing else, I can always go back and revise things later when I’m not so burned out on the project!

After seeing Karin’s post about her inspirations for the Fall for Cotton challenge, I decided to totally copy off of her and participate in it too! I’ve got a few plans, which is overly ambitious, but it will get me started on more than one project and I’m the type of person who needs the motivation of a nagging, unfinished project. Here’s what I’ve got in the works for Fall for Cotton:


Simplicity 3073–the center version is what I’m making


Fabric–a re-issue of a vintage Ascher cotton print!


Simplicity 1089


A beautiful cotton voile from Mood

I had originally ordered the Ascher print a few months ago, and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it–Simplicity 3073. The only problem was that Gertie’s shop actually ran short of yardage and I couldn’t get my order. I had given up on ever getting my mitts on this fabric, but one day I happened to check Gertie’s blog and saw that she had gotten more; this time I got my yardage, and my plans were back in full swing. The voile from Mood actually inspired me to make the Simplicity 1089 pattern as soon as possible; it just looked like it was destined to make one of those blouses! I’m waiting on some white batiste so that I can underline it, since the fabric is too sheer to use on its own. I’ve started my muslin for Simplicity 3073:


Bodice, minus sleeves

I’m having tons of issues with the placket/facing combo on this pattern. I’m thinking I’ll redraft the bodice pieces so that I don’t have to do facings in order to get the placket done, because I do not see myself being able to handle this thing *and* make it look beautiful. Also, the sleeve piece was missing from the pattern (which was advertised as “complete”) so I grabbed the sleeve from a 1940s blouse pattern in my stash and will try setting it and seeing what happens!

On top of those two plans, Simplicity 1281 is still on my shortlist, though I’m not sure I’ll get to it this month. But having plans = motivation, so I will dare to dream!