March Miscellany


It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the “Mads” house, although no sewing has been accomplished.

Truthfully, I had begun drafting a much different post a few days ago, but am relieved that I do not have to post it. Our senior cat, Tycho, somehow managed to eat quite a lot of foam flooring bits around 10-14 days ago (we think). Had his amazing, heroic, compassionate, best-vet-that-ever-vetted vet not swooped to his (and our) rescue, we would have lost him. Bullet of devastation, dodged. Presently, our majestic first fur baby is in the hospital recuperating from his operation; we are hoping he will make a full recovery and come home soon. Good vibes, positive thoughts, and general sentiments of goodwill are welcome and very much needed as we wait for tomorrow’s post-op update from the vet. Saoirse, a physical stresser like her crazy momma (yo), has given herself a UTI from the anxiety of him being gone. Mulder is still totally healthy and cute and oblivious, just like a good dog should be.

Such innocent, very ginger. Wow.

Such innocent, very ginger. Wow.

It’s not all dark here, though: I GOT MY BRACES OFF TODAY!!!

Minus braces, plus retainer...I'll take it!

Minus braces, plus retainer…I’ll take it!

(Sorry, but I’ve got to shout about that.) I am so relieved. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for since they went on 13 months ago, and I’ve purposely hidden my teeth in all my photos since then. (Braces are not shameful, of course; it’s just been hard for me to go from hating my teeth to loving them, and back to hating them again. Self-confidence at the “Mads” house was at an all-time low, so you all got “stuck up, closed-mouth half-smile” photos until morale could be improved.) The bad news is that some of the braces may have to go back on, since the roots of my front teeth are out of position. >=(

On the plus side, I now know quite a lot about what my skull looks like:

Inside "Mads": Cranial version

Inside “Mads”: Cranial version

Seriously, though: I can see my brain!!! I love it.

My final and most surprising bit of news is that this little blog was mentioned by none other than Rhonda Buss over at her site, “Rhonda’s Creative Life.” I am flattered, honored, shocked, giddy, and shocked again! I cannot be sure why Rhonda felt that my unintelligible ramblings were worthy of being mentioned and linked (although I suspect Mulder and his adorableness have something to do with it!), but seeing her post completely made my day. And if anyone is reading this as a result of Rhonda’s act of internet signal-boosting kindness, welcome to my lair! (And apologies for the lack of sewing activity…I’ll be sure to have a harsh word with myself later! :-D)

So all in all, things are looking up around here. I start my next Nina class in 2 weeks, and will be commencing work on a Cooper bag for myself sometime this weekend. And there’s still the matter of muslining my pants. So much to do, so little time!

A New Toy!

Do you guys have any tools on your sewing wish lists? Things that you just can’t justify spending money on, but that you really want or that would really make your life easier? Last week, I got to cross one of those “things” off my list, thanks to some really silly luck.

Some things just aren’t meant to be…like me and Alice. She was a great deal and I had high hopes for our togetherness, but we just didn’t “fit.” (Heh, I made a terrible pun.) I packed her into the car and took her back to Joann’s last weekend. I didn’t have my receipt (which is what happens when I send my husband to do my errands!) but they were kind enough to take her back anyway. The young lady running the returns desk nervously pointed out that, without a receipt, I could only get a gift card with store credit. Oh darn, what would a silly sewist do with store credit at Joann’s??? =D As if that weren’t enough, the “lowest” price they had sold it for (which was the refund amount I’d get) was HIGHER than the price I’d paid for her. So let’s recap: I got rid of a too-big dressform, got my refund, AND basically got free money for more sewing things. Even *after* I told the lady what I’d paid for the form. Naturally, I decided not to argue further. I wasted little time in deciding what to buy with my fun money:


Olfa Self-Healing Cutting Mat!

Not only was I armed with a big gift card, I found a coupon on the Joann’s app (I love technology!) for 40% off one regularly-priced item. On this cutting mat–a 3-piece set that clips together to form one giant mat that’s 70″ long and nearly 3 feet high–that was a big deal! It smells funny, but whatever. I’d wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t going to drop that kind of money. I love it when things just work out! I’m having fun with it, but I am a little scared of my rotary cutter!