Snow Day Show-Off: New Stuff and Plans Galore!

I don’t know about all y’all, but we’re having a snow day here in Ohio! (My office is open, but I took some vacation time today; no sense in driving in a Level 2 emergency when I’ve got time left.) One thing I plan to do today is clean up and organize my sewing area, which at present looks like a pair of toddlers tossed stuff all over the table and didn’t put it away. (Nope, no toddlers here…can I blame my cats somehow? :P) I’ve got lots of pattern envelopes that I photocopied, so I’d like to be able to tape those to the mailers I bought and put the pattern inside and then file them in a (cute) box.

I’ve also got big plans for myself with respect to actually sitting down and sewing, though I don’t expect to get far with that stuff today. I’ve gotten lots of new patterns lately (I know, I know: I need to stop already!) and when I came across a particular pattern and fabric on Etsy last week, I got super-inspired. Behold:


My future playsuit!

I’m really excited about this one, you guys. I’ve wanted a playsuit pattern for a LONG time (we call them rompers now, right?), and this 1950’s iteration is almost exactly what I had envisioned. (I got it here, but there are other copies of it at other shops, too.) When I saw the vintage 1950’s fabric in another Etsy shop, I just knew it was meant to be! And our store just happened to get a small jewelry consignment last week, and it contained two mother-of-pearl vintage buckles; this one was calling my name, and I’m so excited to have found the perfect use for it already! You may be thinking, “Mads, what kind of crazy bastard makes a 1950’s playsuit in the dead of winter in Ohio??” If you’re thinking that, you totally have a point. But for me, striking while my inspiration is actually functioning is a necessity; besides, what better way to give winter the big middle finger than to sew a summer piece to lift my spirits? (Especially since this winter has destroyed the drain pipes to our upstairs bathroom with its freakishly freezing temperatures, but I suppose that’s another post for another day!) I’d like to get this pattern muslin’d by the end of the week, so we’ll see how I do!

Also in the works is the bra pattern I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve got my mesh and ribbon and cotton, and I’m ready to try out lingerie for the first time:


All this stuff may eventually turn into a bra–not magic, but close!

The cotton I’m using for the bra was bought on sale at the sewing shop down the street as part of a remnants sale they were having last year. I’ll have plenty left to make a blouse out of it, too, which was my original plan for the yardage.

My last photo dump features notions that I’ve racked up recently: more buckles (art deco this time!) and some antique buttons!! I also got some vintage lavender-colored buttons that I seem to have lost somewhere in the house, which is a bummer, since I’ll need them for that blouse I mentioned in the last paragraph. I hope I find them! =(


Almost too pretty to use…almost. =)


Hand-painted, even. Whoa.


Some didn’t photograph well, but I promise that they’re awesome!


Wow. Many deco. Such buckle.

FTR, my reaction to those buckles was not unlike Homer Simpsons’s gurgling noise when he’s thinking about delicious donuts…Seriously, I can’t believe how awesome they are! And they’re mine. (But the Etsy shop where I got them has more!)

That’ll do it for this entry–gotta get to work in that sewing room so that this day off isn’t a total waste! Hope you guys are warm and safe today, wherever you are!