Fall for Cotton – Vintage Simplicity 3073

Hey guys!

How are your current projects coming along? Are you working with your fashion fabric yet or, like me, are you still in the muslin stages?

I’ve made a little more progress on my muslin for Simplicity 3073, a gorgeous dress pattern from the 1930’s. To try to save muslin, I only cut one of the two skirt pieces; my husband referred to the muslin dress as a “shirpron,” a clever combination of “shirt” and “apron.” He’s not the most helpful assistant!


From the front; the way I’m standing is creating that weird fold in the skirt


Side view

It’s sure looking more like a dress, isn’t it?? I still haven’t practiced any solutions for that damned placket, but I *did* get the sleeves figured out. You can probably see in the first photo that my right sleeve is puffed (a very 1930’s style) and my left sleeve is flattened at the top, which is how it ought to be for this dress. The sleeve piece is the one missing from the pattern, so I used one from a 1940’s blouse pattern that I have hanging around; after setting that one, I read the instructions (yep, after) and realized that the sleeves on this dress are meant to have 3 darts in them, right at the top. I did the other sleeve (mostly) correctly and it looks so much better. I’m confident that I can handle that aspect of this pattern for real! I’ll probably cut about 1″ off of each sleeve before finishing them (with a bias facing, per the instructions), since they are sort of an awkward length on me as-is. The skirt will be pretty easy, and I won’t have to take up much of a hem since the length is about 1-2″ from where I want it. The left side gets a zipper, but I’m too cheap and lazy to insert zippers on a muslin. Based on pinning it closed, I think the real version will fit nicely once the zipper is inserted. My last muslin step is to see if I’m able to figure out the “pockets,” which aren’t actually pockets, but cute little topstitched rectangles that don’t open. Turning the points out properly will be key!

The band has a show this week, but I’m determined to force myself to sew at least one night between now and then. Maybe I’ll even cut into the bow fabric! 😉