February* FO Trio Post (aka Shield Your Eyes)

*Okay, so one item here was made in December. Whatever.

Hello again!

Hopefully all of you are enjoying the last gasps of the weekend; we had nicer weather the past few days, which doesn’t hurt!

I have not one, but THREE completed garments to show off today–can you believe it?!? Very exciting stuff.

Up first, the longest-finished of the three: my latest version of vintage Simplicity 1281!

New skirt, featuring Mulder

New skirt, featuring Mulder

Side view

Side view

Obligatory twirl photo, duh

Obligatory twirl photo, duh

I have very little to say about the construction of this one, since it’s my third version. It’s exactly what I wanted and is a great staple for my wardrobe. The fabric remains a PITA, but seeing the way the skirt hangs in photos helps me feel like it might be worth it. 🙂

FO #2 can be (partially) seen above: the Tamara top by Style Arc!

Do not adjust your monitor: this shirt is playing games with your eyes.

Do not adjust your monitor: this shirt is playing games with your eyes.

Side view of those triangular bottom panels

Side view of those triangular bottom panels

It's like someone captured the very essence of my attitude in a single candid photo...

It’s like someone captured the very essence of my attitude in a single candid photo…

Pretty nuts, huh? I bought this fabric a few months ago when FabricMart had a big sale and had no idea what to do with it at first. Then I saw this top pattern while shopping the Style Arc Etsy shop and got the idea you now see before you. I wanted to look like a walking page out of one of those 3D picture books from 20 years ago, and give innocent bystanders headaches. Flawless Victory. Speaking of flawless, I should note that the last photo in the above series was a candid that Tom took at the very end of our session this morning. My red was getting all up in my face and so I tried to move it before he took another photo, and he chose that moment to snap a candid shot. After we saw this one, we ended the “shoot” for the day, because it was obviously not going to get any better. Ever.

Constructing the top was relatively challenging at times, due to the fabric (an ITY jersey) and those damn pointy corners. I thought I had knit interfacing but that turned out to be incorrect; I improvised with Wonder Tape and my tracing material and got what I think are really good results. I had to unpick the right one twice (!!!!!!!) until I was happy with the point. After that part was finished, the rest was pretty smooth sailing. This was my first Style Arc pattern, and I knew what I was getting into with respect to their instructions; that said, I really didn’t need any other resources to make this work, since I’ve done neckbands and have sewn knits on my machine before. I did all my hems with a lightening bolt stitch (no twin needle 😦 ) and the stitching is pretty well hidden by the busyness of the print. I will get a lot of wear out of this top! (Bystanders, you have been warned!)

The third item in this post is actually a big fail. I made a really dumb mistake and that resulted in an unwearable (in public) garment. But I’ll share it, because it’s part of a concept outfit with the Tamara top above. (I know, right? Who fucking does “concept” outfits? Who am I trying to be, the The Who of sewing??) Presented for your viewing agony: the Shadi knit skirt by Named Clothing!

Yep, nice and trippy

Yep, nice and trippy (plus a scowl)

Just in case you ever wanted to know more about my ass...

Just in case you ever wanted to know more about my backside…

I got it in my head that it would be AMAZING (and hilarious) to go head-to-toe “Mod on Drugs” and make a pencil skirt out of the same checkered jersey. I knew I wouldn’t really wear them together, but having them as separates seemed like a great idea. I picked up the Shadi knit skirt pattern from Named Clothing (via Pattern Review) and got to work. Sadly, I did not notice that I was cutting the skirt with the highest % of stretch running up and down instead of horizontally. You can bet that I noticed, though, once I tried putting the goddamn thing on. At first I was baffled: I’d done everything I was supposed to do, including making the elastic smaller than my waist and stretching it to fit the top of the skirt. I even graded out from the smallest size to the one up from it on the PDF at the hips, just to be safe!! Tom laughed hysterically as he watched me struggle, which made me mad, and when I finally got it over my ass I realized I could barely walk! Ugh. And of course, there isn’t enough material to re-cut it and it’s long since sold out. *cue heaving sobs* But if I’m honest, the top is the more versatile piece and would have gotten the most wear, and it turned out pretty great, so I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience.

"Vitruvian Mads," aka my entire range of motion in this skirt

“Vitruvian Mads,” aka my entire range of motion in this skirt

But of course, I had to take photos of the two together. HAD TO, you guys. Brace yourselves, and maybe take an ibuprofen and come back to look at the next photos in 30 minutes:

The trippiest dog training photo everrrr

The trippiest dog training photo everrrr

"Come on, Mulder, dance with mommy!!"

“Come on, Mulder, dance with mommy!!”

Good boy!!

Good boy!!

So there you have it: three things, two of which will make it into regular rotation. The other might be scrapped for parts (i.e., the vintage elastic in the waistband) or just binned; the jury is still out on that one. The Shadi pattern is NOT the issue here, to be clear: my lack of ability to brain while sewing is entirely to blame. I’ll be using the pattern again, for sure. (Yes, I know I could have probably just drafted a knit pencil skirt myself, but Named has an aesthetic unlike most other pattern companies out there now and I’m happy to give them my $9USD for this and support them.) I may not make the Style Arc top again, but only because it’s such a statement top that I don’t know if I’d need another in my wardrobe, even in a saner color combination. I will be making more Style Arcs, though, obviously! Vintage Simplicity 1281 is a TNT for me, so it will undoubtedly be back again. Now that I’ve gotten this inspiration out of my brain and into meatspace, it’s on to pants for this weirdo!

Have you ever gotten a random inspiration that you had to bring to fruition right this second? Did you love the results as much as the original idea?

16 thoughts on “February* FO Trio Post (aka Shield Your Eyes)

  1. OMG I seriously love your concept outfit! Especially that top. It’s wonderful. I can’t stop staring and smiling at it. The Tamara top never really interested me until now 🙂
    And that’s really too bad about the skirt, the fit looks great in the pictures, you could have lied about the problem and no one would have noticed haha.

    • Aww, thank you! I will be honest: looking at the top during construction nearly sent me cross-eyed, but it was worth it! You should definitely try the pattern. Those corner insets at the shoulder are the toughest part, and they’re not even that bad all things considered (and that’s coming from a n00b who made them with an ITY and cut those pieces on the bias). And OMG the skirt…I feel like the entire internet now knows wayyy too much about what my a** actually looks like, LOL!

  2. You are The Who of sewing. The concept outfit is the best thing EVERRRRRR. Surely you don’t need to walk/move/breath that much? Just get Tom to carry you to a public place and then stand around being admired. It’s brilliant.

    • LOL I mean, theoretically, that’s correct. If I weren’t so prudish I’d let Tom record me trying to get this thing on so everyone could see what a shambles it really is! I feel like I might “hulk” out of it at any moment!!

  3. You can never have too much of a good thing, right? I like all the garments, but stretch-wrong-way is hard to fix. Slice up and restitch pieces at right angles? Maybe not.

    • Yeah, the skirt (this iteration, anyway) is almost certainly a lost cause. The pattern is just the same piece used twice (cut on the fold each time) and I have nowhere near enough yardage left if I recut it going the correct way. Piecing it is something I could try, though! I do have some other stretchy knits and could definitely try again with a different material, too.

  4. So… flippin’ … cute! You’ve been busy! I’m in love with the shirt and think I need one for work-maybe if it gives people instant headaches, they’ll leave me alone, ha! I do like the matching combo but it’s a bummer the skirt isn’t comfortable (still looks hot, btw).

    Oh, and twirly photos FTW. 😀

    • Why thank you! Definitely try the top pattern if you can–it sure lends itself well to experimentation with headache-inducing prints!
      And honestly, I have never felt more self-conscious in ANYTHING than I felt in that skirt for those photos (and I’ve walked around in a room full of strangers wearing only 1920’s underwear); that lack of horizontal stretch really doesn’t do any favors, haha!

  5. I sewed a pair of leggings like that once and my husband had a blast laughing at me trying to pull them on. Such a bummer with things like that happen. I think it would have been a great outfit! That top it awesome!

    • I know!! Even though the skirt was really easy it was still super upsetting that it went so wrong, all because I didn’t pay attention. And seriously: husbands, amirite? Mine redeemed himself a little by going out of his way to compliment my butt in the Skirt of Doom though, LOL!

      (And thank you for your compliment on the top! I left it hanging up in my room so it greets me whenever I go in there!)

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