Fall for Cotton 2013 – Finished!

I finished my vintage Simplicity 1089 this morning (while watching “How to Marry A Millionaire”) and am really happy with it. My husband helped me take a few photos tonight, and here are a couple of them:


Yay, blouse!


From the back; please pardon the wrinkles!

Now that I’ve finished this shirt, I can see a few things I would have done differently. For one thing, I could probably use two darts at the neckline in the back. I could also take in the sides a little bit, but I don’t think the blouse looks too big for me. Plus it was pretty easy to get in and out of with this amount of ease, which is a good thing!

The entire blouse is underlined in white cotton batiste; the cotton voile is really sheer, so that was completely necessary. I did my very best to match the stripes at the sides, and did an okay job. The right side looks best, and the left side (with the zipper) is off by about 1/4″. I inserted the zipper by hand, and doubt I would ever put in a zipper any other way–it’s so easy and doesn’t involve making any changes with my sewing machine. The hem is nice and even, although there is a difference in the amount of white between the stripe and hem from front to back; that’s due to a difference in length of the pieces (I cut them sloppily, I guess) and the slightly uneven stripe matching on the zipper side, I think. It’s also very, very wrinkled, and that’s my fault. It’s tough to press things well without a form (for me, anyway), so I spritzed the blouse with Downy Wrinkle Release and threw it in the dryer. That would have been fine, except that I was watching my movie, and totally forgot about the dryer. By the time I remembered, the cycle had been over long enough for the blouse to not be warm anymore and all the wrinkles were back. Ugh. I’ll do better next time!

I’m putting off wearing this until Tuesday because a friend at work is off tomorrow, and I really want her to see it. It’s hard to leave it on the hanger for an extra day, but Tuesday is just around the corner!

17 thoughts on “Fall for Cotton 2013 – Finished!

  1. It is a wonderful blouse, and a side zipper hand stitched in.. wow. It looks great. Perhaps you see all the little details that you find as flaws but I don’t see them at all. The stripes match up, the darts are great looking and a lining too! The whole garment is a job well done! I hate ironing and have never tried the Downy Wrinkle Release but will definitely have to give it a try.

  2. Congrats! I love vintage patterns The darts look good. I haven’t thought of inserting a zipper by hand but that can give you a lot of control. I’m still working on my Fall for Cotton project – a blouse with a side invisible zipper. Did the zipper last weekend. Still working on the collar and a few other details.

    • Thank you! The pattern called for the darts to be cut and pressed open (due to their shape, I’m guessing–they’re shaped like long, stretched-out spades) so I think that’s why they turned out so nicely! πŸ™‚ Don’t you just love the idea of a shirt with a zipper in it?? It seems so strange, but it’s a neat thing to wear nowadays. Good luck with what’s left of your sewing–I can’t wait to see your finished blouse!

  3. It’s such a great feeling of getting to show off a project but I am sure the wait was hard! You did a very good job, I am for sure going to keep an eye out for that pattern, I love it!

    • You are so right! I have to say that this blouse came together really fast, but even then I was still so impatient to be done and wear it; at one point I caught myself thinking, “Could I just, you know, *not* hem this? It’ll be okay, right? No one will notice.” But it’s worth it. This pattern was a random lucky find on Etsy, and I hope you are able to find a copy as well–it’s such an easy pattern and I know I’ll be making it again for sure!

  4. I also enjoy sewing hand picked zippers too! I don’t know, it’s just easier! I’m trying to get rid most of my invisible zippers, then it’s hand picked zippers for me.

    I love your blouse and your fabric! I think you did a good job at lining the lines up! I still haven’t successfully lined anything up. One day. One day.

    • Thank you! I was surprised at how easy it was to get the stripes as close as they are. I didn’t measure, but I adjusted the fabric so that all the lines matched before I started cutting. Once I cut the first bodice piece, I lined it up next to the second one I needed to cut, and made sure the stripes hit at the same place(s) all the way down. And then I f*cked them up when the layers shifted during sewing, haha!

      I’ve never inserted a zipper any other way, and I don’t want to! I enjoy putting them in by hand; it’s not difficult, and it allows me to step out of my sewing cave and sit with my family while I work, which is always nice.

      • That happens to me too! I lined everything perfectly when I cut out the fabric, but the damn! fabric doesn’t stay still when I’m sewing. Umph! I don’t want to buy a walking feet because it costs an arm and a leg. 😦

        I hear you, I need to get out of my sewing cave too, which is why I started to hand sew a lot more.

      • I am not keen on changing the feet on my machine (even though it’s easy), so I’m with you there! Maybe if I use more pins it won’t shift as much…guess I’d better get some silk pins and go crazy, huh? πŸ™‚

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